LNG Bunkering Vessel Design

Houlder’s LNG bunkering vessel (LNG 5) is a concept design for a 5,000m³ capacity vessel suitable for operating in sheltered waters, alongside in port or as a feeder between larger LNG terminals and smaller satellite storage facilities.

Its features are described below;

Main Particulars

  • Overall Length;- 110 m
  • LBP (Length between perpendiculars) ;- 103.2 m
  • Breadth (Moulded);- 18 m
  • Depth (Moulded);- 10 m
  • Draught;- 5.9 m
  • Deadweight;- 2,700t


Its manifolds and transfer arm can arranged to meet different requirements for ship-to-ship transfer or ship-to-shore loading at large LNG terminals. Submersible pumps  transfer the LNG from the vessel’s tanks to the receiving vessel/storage facility. The vessel will also carry marine gas oil for supply to receiving vessels if required.

LNG Plant and Boil Off Gas

The LNG is stored in IMO C-Type pressurised tanks with a boil off rate of 0.45% maximum. The boil off gas can be used as fuel for a in a Dual Fuel Diesel Electric (DFDE) system powering the vessel’s generators or returned to shore as required.  Excess boil off gas will be re-condensed and returned to the vessel’s storage tanks. In the event that the re-condenser plant cannot handle all the boil off gas a gas combustion unit (GCU) is fitted. A liquid nitrogen storage tank and system is fitted for purging and inerting.

The vessel will have the ability to assist in the warming up, gas freeing and aerating of receiving vessels’ LNG bunker tanks if required.

Variations of containment system are available to suit client requirements.


Propulsion will be by two azimuth thrusters aft and bow-thrusters forward. This will enable the vessel to berth and unberth without the need for tug assistance either in port or alongside a receiving vessel.


100A1 Liquified Gas Carrier, LMC, UMS, CCS, SMR, Type ‘C’ Tks, APBU, Lloyd’s RMC (LG), ECO, IWS, CC, LL, IBS, Shipright, SDA, FDA (35 years), PCWBT


Officer and single berth cabins for 15 persons

Service Speed 

12 knots

Houlder Reference: 6003 LNG 5 Bunkering Vessel

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