Vessel Analysis

Exploiting the virtual world helps explore possibilities fast, avoid pitfalls and find answers for less.

Houlder's capabilities are founded on decades of physical model testing and sea trials. We use the latest computational analysis software to tackle hydrodynamic and aerodynamic problems.

Our computational toolbox contains; RANS CFD, potential flow, and SPH software - all validated against our library of physical model test data.

Houlder Optimisation and Modelling Environment (HOME)

HOME™ is the next step in Houlder’s evolution, blending cutting-edge programming, data analytics, and modelling with our time-tested, maritime expertise.

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Hull Form Optimisation

Parametric models allow us to vary a geometry systematically in a controlled and consistent fashion.

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Physical Model Testing

Houlder has its own workshop for the preparation and instrumentation of physical scale models for hydrodynamic testing - towed and free-running model tests in the most appropriate facilities.

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Seakeeping Studies

Seakeeping studies using potential flow solvers, RANS CFD, and physically within an ocean basin.

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Dynamic Positioning Studies

DP studies in line with DNV procedure ST-0111 plus potential flow and RANS CFD capabilities.

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Aerodynamic Studies

We use RANS CFD to study an ever-increasing range of aerodynamic problems: Wind Assist Devices; Deck Ventilation.

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General Consultancy

We often assist our customers with general consultancy which relies on our experience in ship hydrodynamics and data analysis. If you are unsure as to whether we can help you with your problem, get in touch today

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