Offshore Fixed Wind

For many years, Houlder has worked with offshore wind installation contractors to seafasten their wind turbine generator (WTG) equipment for transport, and to design the specialist equipment required to lift and install WTG components.

With the offshore wind industry forecast to grow aggressively for the next 20 plus years, we are ready to help solve the challenges ahead.  WTG components continue to increase in both size and the quantities being installed.  Water depths are also increasing, yet installation vessels remain much the same.  As the industry expands from Europe across the globe there is a continual need for innovation, optimisation and improvements.

We have successfully delivered multiple projects for the transport and installation of WTG components, giving us in-depth knowledge of the components and the vessels that are used to install them.  In addition to strong experience with monopile foundations, we also work with the transport and installation of jackets, and installations from barges for Jones Act compliance.


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"Offshore Fixed Wind is a sector we like and in which we've found a strong niche as an equipment design and analysis house offering complementary capabilities to the organisations powering the sector ahead."

Mark Goalen, Chief Operating Officer