Houlder understands how crucial stability is - a performance challenge from initial design through a vessel’s operational life. Our team of stability and 3D modelling experts will support you throughout. We analyse stability-related problems and questions for any floating asset.

For new vessel designs, we ensure compliance and efficiency from a stability point of view. For existing vessels, we tackle stability issues such as: through-life growth; raised vertical centre of gravity; deadweight restrictions; need for additional margin; other new, unforeseen challenges.

All aspects of stability depend on knowing the weight and centre of gravity of a vessel or unit. Confidence and accuracy are critical. That’s why we provide global support to undertake and analyse lightweight surveys and inclining experiments. We also answer the ‘so what?’. We explain measured results, work through their implications with you and update stability information accordingly.

Our team has made representations at the International Maritime Organisation and the Red Ensign Group on stability matters. We also have a high level of experience of working with Flag Administrations on finding stability solutions that are compliant with statutory instruments. This equips us with in-depth knowledge of how regulations are developed and informs our support - what do rules mean for you and your assets?

Lightweight Surveys

Lightweight surveys are for determining the lightweight and longitudinal centre of gravity for a floating asset.

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Inclining Experiments

Inclining experiments are for determining the lightweight and the longitudinal and vertical centre of gravities for a floating asset.

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Stability Information Booklets

The production and through-life update of Stability Information Booklets are a crucial part of the management of floating assets.

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Stability Analysis and Optimisation

Houlder can provide stability analysis and stability solutions for your floating asset.

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Class Engagement and Support

Houlder can provide advice and support on engaging with Classification Societies.

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Flag Engagement and Support

Houlder can provide advice and support on engaging with Flag Administrations.

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