Studies and Reviews

Sometimes DIY doesn’t quite cut it - when a technical investigation is fraught with uncertainty and risk; when an independent voice is required to speak to prospective investors; when you want to leverage existing knowledge rather than learn from scratch; when you need to catch up; when you don’t want to distract your team…we could go on.

In such situations clients come to us for a wide range of studies, reports and reviews. We deliver custom-built work tailored to the questions you’ve asked. Even when the questions aren’t clear, we’ll help you frame them. Canny use of consultants for flexibility is an underestimated dimension of competition. Those that do it best will thrive in these turbulent times.

Technical Advisory

From cutting edge technologies to innovative design approaches and operations, you can rely on Houlder for expert technical advice.

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Sustainability Advisory

Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, and delivering benefit to your business, your crew, your passengers, and wider society.

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Houlder Optimisation and Modelling Environment (HOME)

HOME™ is the next step in Houlder’s evolution, blending cutting-edge programming, data analytics, and modelling with our time-tested, maritime expertise.

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Pre-FEED and FEED Studies

Houlder specialises in FEED studies for floating energy production facilities.

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