Equipment Design

At Houlder we specialise in providing bespoke design and engineering services to owners, operators and manufacturers of marine equipment. We serve clients in all sectors of the maritime industry including OEMs specialising in efficiency technology for commercial shipping and players in the renewable and offshore energy sectors.

Our design packages range from conceptual design to ready-for-manufacture with design verification using structural and motion simulation, and deck integration and installation planning. Using state-of-the art design software, we are experienced in identifying key design considerations and addressing issues systematically.

Houlder designs are immediately recognisable for their ingenuity. Our extensive and diverse portfolio includes windfarm foundation installation tools and general heavy duty and high-performance equipment. Houlder has a team of experienced engineers, supervisors and operators, deployable world-wide, with ready support from knowledgeable fabrication partners.

Feasibility Studies

From vessel selection to equipment functionality and costing, Houlder aims to allow the client to make key informed decisions.

Concept Design

We create the basis of design including: Loads and reaction loads definition; Equipment geometry and functionality; Level of automation and control; Preliminary risk assessment; and preliminary general arrangement.

Detailed Design

We provide all the necessary details to allow the build of the complete equipment, including 2D & 3D detail and assembly drawings, structural reporting, painting and welding specifications, risk assessment and control system philosophy. Electrical and hydraulic components’ routing are also often part of the detailed scope.

Simulation and Verification

The basic functionality, parameters and geometry are verified through FEA, dynamic and motion simulations that can provide useful information such as the estimated weight and overall layout, and the visualisation and behaviour of the equipment operation and functionalities.

Assembly and Installation Planning

Assembly, transport and handling, testing and final installation are planned and fed back into the design.

Foundations and Deck Integration

We integrate heavy equipment to vessels by combining our mechanical, structural and vessel design expertise.

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