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At Houlder, we believe the most complex challenges require fresh thinking in engineering, design and project delivery. We help you navigate the complex; demystifying the options and implementing the most practical solutions.

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Houlder has forged a reputation for delivering trusted, independent, informed and pragmatic advice to clients across all our sectors.

Why? We have market-leading engineering expertise and significant practical experience of implementing projects.

Our employees and wider network of Associates typically have decades’ experience in their fields, including naval architecture, marine engineering, commercial fleet management and asset operational roles.  Experience that is backed up by expert knowledge of market trends and the latest technologies.


Technical Advisory

From cutting edge technologies to innovative design approaches and operations, you can rely on Houlder for expert technical advice.

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Sustainability Advisory

Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, and delivering benefit to your business, your crew, your passengers, and wider society.

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Vessel Procurement Support

Supporting both government and commercial clients through all stages of a vessel procurement project as ‘client friend’.

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Expert Witness

Providing legal firms with expert witness services and forensic engineering in arbitration and litigation cases.

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Field Development

Supporting field development throughout the life of your project.

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Operational Analysis and Decision-Support

Delivering sound and well thought through analysis based on our in-house capability to model systems and extensive marine operations experience.

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“We work from within the industry rather than from the outside looking in; enabling us to relate to your business and empathise with its issues and challenges.”


Simon Harris, Principal Consultant

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Our teams combine creativity, pragmatism and discipline to deliver the full range of ship design, naval architectural analysis and engineering services to optimise your vessel performance.

Houlder’s naval architects and engineers are highly experienced in the latest analysis tools and techniques to help you get the most from your floating assets.

We perform advanced analyses of complex marine systems, including intact and damaged stability; motions and seakeeping; moorings and risers; resistance and propulsion; global structural FE analysis; fatigue, fracture and redundancy.  Importantly, our analysis typically supports Classification approval submissions.


Newbuild Design

Delivering newbuild design across all of our sectors, we with you at every stage, from initial feasibility through to the provision of shipyard drawings.

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Ship Conversion

Supporting you with initial concept development and feasibility studies through to detailed engineering and in-depth analysis.

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Retrofit Engineering

Delivering retrofit projects quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption, from complete turnkey solutions to discrete work packages.

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Expertise in the latest analysis tools and techniques to help you get the most from your floating assets.

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Equipment Design & Mobilisation

Providing bespoke design and engineering services to owners, operators and manufacturers of marine handling equipment.

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Large Structural Interfaces

Supporting you with the installation of new or temporary equipment onboard your vessel.

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“Design and engineering is at the heart of everything we do at Houlder. Whether it is a new build vessel, or a small access platform, Houlder understands every step of the design process, and we are here to guide you through it.”


Mark Goalen, Chief Operating Officer

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Houlder delivers projects from design stage through procurement, construction, installation and commissioning.

We work with our own engineering output, or that from third parties, to deliver work packages of all sizes – from complete turnkey installation to the provision of onsite project management teams.

We’re known for being proactive, understanding your requirements and the ability to deploy teams on a global basis. We back this up with through life support after the installation work has been completed; ensuring that your assets continue to perform at their best throughout their life.


Project Management & Site Supervision

Project management for successful delivery of new equipment, infrastructure and assets - from concept design to delivery and commissioning.

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Turnkey Installations

Fixed price integrated projects to remove the complexity of managing multi-disciplinary teams.

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Through Life Support

Acting as the prime contractor for maintenance, upgrade and refurbishment of non-OEM military equipment.

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“We take designs into the implementation phase to successfully deliver projects on site, working from the procurement and pre-fabrication phases to the final commissioning and testing of the work – all backed up with through life support after the installation work has been completed.”


Ben Myers, Project Director

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