Vessel Monitoring and Instrumentation

Houlder provides bespoke monitoring solutions tailored to customers’ requirements. The service includes the selection and installation of instrumentation and equipment, data analysis and rationalisation. You get to understand the results and draw meaningful conclusions as quickly as possible.

Our data loggers range from battery-powered, standalone units capable of withstanding harsh environments, to integrated vessel performance monitoring systems which provide the customer with automated daily and monthly performance summaries.

Our monitoring services are often only a part of larger projects, with the results being used to validate numerical models, support analysis work, or support the design process.

Here are some examples of monitoring projects we have experience in:

  • Passenger comfort monitoring
  • Crew transfer vessels, transit and transfer performance monitoring
  • Heavy weather sea trials, monitoring motions, accelerations, loads and line tensions.
  • Monitoring shaft power and fuel consumption for performance validation of fuel saving devices
  • Weather and sea state monitoring at sites of interest

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"Vessel Analysis is fast becoming the most sought after discipline in naval architecture. These services find our clients an edge."

Jonathan Strachan, Chief Technical Officer