Technical Advisory

Our in-depth technical knowledge and commercial experience of the marine sector is second to none.  From cutting edge technologies to innovative design approaches and operations, you can rely on Houlder for expert technical advice.

We draw on experience gained across our design, engineering and installation projects to provide you with informed and pragmatic technical advice, including:

  • Developing, reviewing and validating proposed investment plans in new or upgraded assets and infrastructure.  
  • Developing early-stage concepts into practical, costed solutions to support decision making.  
  • Supporting the ‘marinisation’ of new and novel equipment or technologies.  
  • Supporting cost effective regulatory compliance.

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“The best, clean technologies are not always obvious and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. This is where Houlder’s consultancy is valuable. My job is to help Houlder, our clients, peers, friends and family along the road to a sustainable future.”

Simon Potter, Director, Sustainability Advisory