Ship Conversion

Converting, upgrading or repurposing existing vessels to perform a new role is often more cost and time efficient than designing and building an entirely new asset. However, major conversions and refits are complex and challenging projects that require careful evaluation, planning and execution.

We draw on our team’s experience in all aspects of vessel design to support you with initial concept development and feasibility studies through to detailed engineering and in-depth analysis. Typical projects include changing topside equipment, accommodation extensions, vessel lengthening, or the addition of new decks.

Our in-house technical expertise covers all aspects of vessel conversion; from stability analysis to hydrodynamics, structural design, electrical engineering and propulsion.

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“Whether it is the conversion of Ro-Ro vessels to military logistic support ships, the conversion of a cruise ship into an accommodation barge, or repurposing of vessels from oil and gas activities, our experts makes sure the project is a success.”

Jonathan Strachan, Chief Technical Officer