Seakeeping Studies

How well will your vessel operate? Will it cope with high sea states? Not questions to be left to chance.

We undertake seakeeping studies using potential flow solvers, RANS CFD, and physically within an ocean basin. We will always recommend the most suitable methodology for your project. Here are some examples of the studies we have undertaken:

  • Assessment and selection of gyroscopic roll stabilisation devices
  • Modelling of marine evacuation systems
  • Green water studies
  • Free-fall lifeboat deployed into sea states
  • Multibody analysis of vessels, pontoons and mooring arrangements
  • Calculation of human comfort measures (Motion sickness and motion induced interruptions)
  • Accessibility assessment of offshore structures against various vessel types
  • Added resistance in waves using RANS CFD

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"Vessel Analysis is fast becoming the most sought after discipline in naval architecture. These services find our clients an edge."

Jonathan Strachan, Chief Technical Officer