Inclining Experiments

Houlder provides a complete inclining experiment service. This may be required as part of the completion of a new build vessel, the completion of planned modifications or to gain an up-to-date set of the vessel’s lightweight parameters. The inclining experiment will provide you with confident knowledge of the vessel’s lightweight, the longitudinal centre of gravity and, crucially for stability, the vertical centre of gravity.

The level of service is fully up to you, but Houlder can provide the conduct of the inclining experiment, the analysis of the results and then the production of the inclining experiment report. We can also support you with submitting the results and report to your Classification Society or Flag Administration for formal approval or acceptance. We can then work with you to understand the overall results and, crucially, what it means for your asset.

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"Getting stability right is fundamental for safe vessel operations and performance. Houlder knows how to support you to ensure compliant and optimised stability solutions."

Andy King, Director – Stability and Statutory