Equipment Design & Mobilisation

At Houlder we specialise in providing bespoke design and engineering services to owners, operators and manufacturers of marine handling equipment. We serve clients of all sizes, typically operating in the renewable, offshore and defence sectors.

Our design packages range from outline concepts to fully detailed drawings and 3D models. Using state-of-the art software, including Solidworks, ANSYS, AQWA and Orcaflex, we are highly experienced in modelling and analysing key drivers such as structural strength, fatigue and operating limits.

Houlder designs are immediately recognisable for their ingenuity. Our extensive & diverse design portfolio includes windfarm foundation lifting tools, deck skidding systems, pile gripper frames sub-sea templates, launch and recovery davits, cable reels and carrousels.

To support the testing, transportation, mobilisation and operation of marine equipment, Houlder has a team of highly experienced supervisors and operators, deployable world-wide.

Marine equipment for rental, purchase or modification

In addition to our design services, we offer a selection of marine equipment for rental, purchase or modification.  We would be happy to provide further details of these which include the following:

  • 855Te Monopile upending and lift tool
  • 690Te Monopile upending and lift tool
  • Pile Gripper Frame for 6.5m monopiles, complete with pile rotation system

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“We pride ourselves on providing ingenious design solutions for complex problems. Our track record includes fabricating and operating our own equipment. This experience goes directly into our design work so that our solutions are not only inventive, but practical.”

Julian Mason, Director, Ship Design & Engineering