Offshore Energy

The offshore energy sector is transforming from traditional oil and gas activities and rapidly expanding into renewable energy, including offshore wind, wave, tidal and solar power.

Our wide-ranging capabilities are well placed to support you through the transition.

At Houlder we’ve been active in offshore fixed wind installations for nearly 10 years and our skills and experience in floating marine assets actively support the offshore floating wind sector. We have the practical experience combined with the technical capability to solve the challenges of the energy transition.

Offshore Fixed Wind

For many years, Houlder has worked with offshore wind installation contractors to seafasten their wind turbine generator (WTG) equipment for transport, and to design the specialist equipment required to lift and install WTG components.

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Offshore Floating Wind

As technical, commercial, and logistical hurdles are overcome, offshore floating wind power represents a step change in offshore energy production.

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Offshore Oil and Gas

Houlder supports owners, operators and energy companies with a complete range of offshore engineering, marine equipment, project management, design and analysis services required to support upstream assets.

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