Houlder lands Siemens Galloper project

The Siemens Galloper project has announced it has awarded a contract for the Design of Sea Fastenings to Houlder.

You can read their press release here


Design of Sea Fastening contract awarded to a UK-based company for the first time

Initial work will be for the Galloper wind farm project

The seafastenings designed will directly benefit production output from Siemens’ Hull factory

Underlines the importance of UK-content and the supply chain

The Galloper wind farm construction consists of 56 Siemens 6Mw SWT-6.0-154 turbines, and will generate up to 336Mw of clean energy – enough to power in excess of 300,000 UK homes.

Critical to the successful construction of the offshore turbines is the design of sea fastenings work. For the first time, a contract for this work has been awarded to a UK-based company, Houlder Limited.

Known for their reliable and ingenious design, Royal Institution of Naval Architects member Houlder, was founded as a shipping company over 170 years ago, in the same decade as Siemens itself.

The contract covers design work of items vital to meeting milestones for the project including design of a blade rack, tower and nacelle fastenings among others.

Christoph Schott, Project Procurement Manager for the Siemens Galloper project  says, “Siemens is delighted to be able to award Houlder Ltd this important contract. It further underlines our commitment, as demonstrated by the construction of our blade manufacturing factory in Hull, to UK content and to keeping our operations and supply chain as close to the customer as we are able. Previously, all such design work had been sourced from Denmark or the Netherlands. We look forward to a long and productive association with Houlder.”

Frederic Perdrix, Houlder’s Chief Technical Officer says “Keeping wind turbine components safe and secure in transit requires innovative seafastening design work. This is exactly the kind of offshore engineering challenge we thrive on, so we are delighted to have been awarded the work. Being a UK first makes it all the more worthy of celebration. We look forward to working with Siemens Wind Power and feel confident the local design element of the UK supply chain will continue to grow as projects gather pace.”

Find out more about the Siemens Galloper project by visiting www.siemens.co.uk/hull


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