Maritime LNG Lecture and Dinner

Houlder recently attended RINA’s “Maritime LNG – The Future Is Now” President’s Lecture and Dinner at One Whitehall Place, London. The event provided a welcome opportunity to engage with key members of the Maritime LNG community.

Chief Commercial Officer, Simon Harris represented the company along with Gianpaolo Benedetti, LNG Project Manager and other members of the Houlder Maritime LNG and Naval Architecture teams.

Industry figures Jeff Vile, Sales & Compliance Director of KLAW, Rob Wood, Chief Executive of Gasrec, Martin C. Pettersen, Senior Marine Project Manager at Skangas, Ian Dobson, Principal Engineer at Beckett Rankine and Douglas Thomson, a commercial analysist at Poten & Partners were Houlder’s guests.

The audience was given an informative presentation by Antonis Trakakis of Arista Shipping (below) on an innovative design for an LNG powered bulk cargo ship. It is the first practical and achievable design concept for this type of ocean-going carrier. The project is a major step forward bringing LNG-as-fuel out of ECA zones and into deep-sea trading.


Afterwards, over the meal, there was plenty of discussion of opportunities and challenges presented by Maritime LNG, as well as celebration of progress and confidence in the growing industry sector.

Main image from left to right: Ian Dobson (Beckett Rankine), Edward Eddy (Houlder), Rob Wood (Gasrec), Simon Harris (Houlder), Jeff Vile (Klaw), Robert Cooke (Houlder), Douglas Thomson (Poten), Martin C. Petterson (Skangas), Ben Myers (Houlder)

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