LNG Bunkering Summit 2019

Houlder is delighted be sponsoring this week’s LNG Bunkering Summit 2019. The event, held in Amsterdam 29-31 January, is themed around regulation, decision making, finance and funding, ports and shipping perspective, workforces, operational challenges and the LNG supply chain.

Neil Ferguson, Houlder LNG Storage and Distribution Director commented “The LNG Bunkering Summit is an ideal opportunity to meet and work with LNG stakeholders from vessel owner and operators through utilities and regulators.  We have seen interest in LNG as fuel grow steadily over the last couple of years and, as a result, have invested in bunkering infrastructure innovations alongside fellow event sponsors including Trelleborg, Wartsila and Arta.”

As well as a range of bunkering barges and transfer equipment (pictured), examples of Houlder’s work include the design of the UK’s first LNG dual fuel ferry and plan approval of innovative LNG powered 7500 Car Carriers, the largest of their kind in the world.  Houlder is supporting the LNG Bunkering Summit because of the clear benefits its collaborative spirit brings to these and similar projects.

Neil continues “We felt a tipping point in 2018 with more LNG infrastructure becoming operational and interest in future projects growing. LNG as a marine fuel use, in which we have developed specific expertise, is set to double by 2020. Realising opportunities for innovators, like ourselves, depends entirely on feeling part of a well organised and regulated industry. That comes from coming together, in these exciting early days, to lay the ground work.”

Now in its 7th year, the Annual LNG Bunkering Summit is spread over three days. It offers insights into decision making, planning, development, operation, safety and training processes that drive the LNG Bunkering market forward. It remains Europe’s fastest growing and largest LNG Bunkering Summit. It unites infrastructure operators, shipping companies, LNG suppliers along with technology providers.

If you are visiting the event and would like to meet Houlder, please contact Neil Ferguson at neil.ferguson@houlderltd.com or on +44 (0)1224 258 137.

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