Isles of Scilly Steam Ship Contract

Houlder is delighted to be working with the Isles of Scilly Steam Ship Group (IOSSG) as they look at “all possible options” for a new ship for the islands. IOSSG Managing Director Stuart Reid gave an update on the ‘New Vessel Solution Project’ during Scilly Business Week’s Tourism Forum.

He said: “We’ve engaged with Houlder, a firm of naval architects who most recently have done work on the David Attenborough vessel, and we’ve been working with them in terms of long-term replacement options. [We’re] looking at all possible options that are on the market at the minute, including trimarans, FastCats, similar vessels to what we are currently operating now… to actually identify what vessels could work on this route.

“We’ve also looked at single vessels, multiple vessels… it’s really to explore all the options and then work with the Transport Board and with our own board to come up with the most viable solutions. Once we’ve completed that work one of the big things we want to focus on is a long consultation period with the islands, our staff and also Penzance as well. In that period we’ll be wanting to hear lots of feedback in terms of which way we go forward.”

Stuart clarified that that the Isles of Scilly Steam Ship Group is thinking about freight vessels as well as passenger ships including replacement plans for inter-island freight boat Lyonesse Lady.

The Isles of Scilly Steam Ship Group contract is the latest advisory contract Houlder has undertaken for a UK ferry operator. Previous clients include Wightlink, Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, CALMAC, Condor Ferries and P&O Ferries. Typically, the company acts as technical advisor and client representative during new vessel procurement and upgrade projects. The company has a proven track record of success that includes every phase of activity from initial research, through concept development, design and construction as required. Most recently, the company celebrated its green electro-diesel ferry design, Victoria of Wight going into service last Summer.

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