Houlder Webinar: Escaping the decarbonisation maze

Making investments that deliver ROI, environmental compliance, and future-proofed fleets

Wednesday 28th April 2021 1:00pm BST / 2:00pm CET

Shipowners and operators must manage the energy transition  but find themselves in a labyrinth. They can’t turn back and the path to a zero carbon future is unclear – there is a multitude of options and a myriad of decarbonisation drivers to address. How do you escape the maze?

While IMO regulations grab attention, too much focus on compliance with EEXI and the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) may pose a risk in itself. DNV estimates that 80% of ships will require some investment to meet EEXI, however, as this panel will discuss, not all measures are of equal importance to all audiences, meaning it is vital to understand your own objectives to ensure that investment is targeted at the most effective solutions. The emergence of multiple decarbonisation drivers presents a perplexing maze for shipowners and operators.

Along with EEXI and CII – the key requirements from IMO – other drivers such as the potential Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) in Europe as part of the EU Green Deal are worthy of consideration. For other audiences initiatives such as the RightShip A-G rating, Poseidon Principles, and the Sea Cargo Charter matter just as much.

The quandary is that compliance with EEXI doesn’t necessarily improve a vessel’s CII rating, or achieve wider commercial benefits. The key to success will therefore be to carefully consider all potential improvement measures, not just those required to meet EEXI. Owners should be exploring hydrodynamic, mechanical, electrical and operational efficiencies, as well having one eye looking ahead to alternative fuels to choose the right pathway for each individual vessel.

  • What are the right efficiency measures for each vessel?
  • Which carbon reduction drivers are the most important, or will be the most impactful?

The webinar’s participants will be sharing their expertise on how to move in the right direction to escape the maze and the importance of smart investment.


 Sean McLaughlin, Strategy Consultant, Houlder Ltd

Jonathan Strachan, New Build and Vessel Conversion Director, Houlder Ltd

Mark Cameron, COO, Ardmore Shipping Corporation

Lindsey Keeble, Partner and Global Maritime Sector Co-Head, Watson Farley & Williams

Edmund Hughes PhD, Independent Consultant and former head, Air pollution and Energy Efficiency, IMO


Alisdair Pettigrew, Director, BLUE Communications



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Rupert Hare, Chief Executive Officer