Houlder is working with pioneering clean technology company Silverstream Technologies to support the shipping industry’s ongoing transition to a zero carbon future.

The two companies are collaborating on design and integration procedures for both newbuild and retrofit installations of Silverstream’s pioneering air lubrication system, the Silverstream® System. Houlder’s marine engineering experts will complement Silverstream’s in-house teams to produce detailed information that supports the naval architecture and any required class approvals of the technology for specific vessel projects. This agreement showcases Houlder’s ability to marry innovative ideas with solid marine engineering experience to bring a viable clean technology solution to the industry.

Rupert Hare, CEO, Houlder, added: “Companies with proven, impactful systems, can face a difficult task in convincing customers that their innovations will perform as promised within the technical and operational specifications of the customer’s assets and trading profile. It is crucial to recognise the value of interfacing and design detailing. Our independent consultancy, combined with many years’ experience in ship design and engineering, enables us to support the effective installation of new systems, bridging between the technology provider and ship owner / operator to realise the best results for both of them.”

Houlder is ideally placed to support its clients and partners in managing upcoming environmental and operational change, with an 80-strong team of experts who understand the full lifecycle of assets. Houlder recognises the importance of understanding the entire picture, particularly when considering transforming operating environments and their impacts on existing assets, and the changes that are needed to the traditional design concepts for new assets.

For more information on the Silverstream® System, please click here.

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“Charting a ‘solo’ course through this swirl of uncertainty is close to impossible. That’s why we’re often asked by clients to build their knowledge, evaluate their challenges and assess their options. We work closely with research funds and clean-tech providers by bringing decades of industry experience to bear. Our position is independent, technical ‘client friend’ for the decarbonising decades ahead.”


Rupert Hare, Chief Executive Officer