Houlder and E4tech Webinar: Avoiding a future fuels’ dead-end: building an agile strategy

Wednesday 17th November 2021
2:00pm GMT / 3:00pm CET / 9:00am EST

The imperative need to urgently manage shipping’s energy transition to low carbon fuels is now well understood, with the realities of the challenge permeating all aspects of ship owning, financing, and operation. However, there remains little clarity around which low carbon marine fuels will power the different sectors of the shipping industry for decades to come – with choices being hampered by confusion and uncertainty around the viability of the multiple future fuel options currently being promoted.

Whether the fuel is sustainable biodiesel, hydrogen, methanol, ammonia, renewable natural gas, or electrical energy storage systems for smaller vessels – there are numerous feedstocks and production methods for each that impact on their true lifecycle carbon intensity and commercial viability. These must be considered alongside the technical challenges that must be addressed to enable their use onboard vessels.

At a time when strategies should be under development, shipowners and operators are struggling to understand where to start. So, while we are unsure which alternative marine fuels will go the distance, this panel will ask which fuels will best support meeting GHG reduction targets, and protect against future regulatory and non-regulatory drivers to reduce carbon.

  • How can today’s combustion engine’s support the current low carbon fuel alternatives?
  • What alternative energy conversion technologies may be employed in the future?
  • What options are available to owners and operators to ensure maximum flexibility and risk assurance?

The webinar’s participants will be sharing their expertise on policies and the supply chain, answering questions on which policies are affecting the development and production of the various future fuels? What vessel characteristics impact on the most suitable future fuel choice?

The panel includes:

  • David Pugh, Principal Marine Engineer, Houlder Ltd
  • Chester Lewis, Managing Consultant (Maritime Lead), E4tech
  • Mark Cameron, Chief Operating Officer, Ardmore Shipping
  • Sebastiaan Bleuanus, General Manager Research Coordination and Funding, Wartsila Marine Power
  • Amie Pascoe, Director, BLUE Communications (Moderator)

Watch below:

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