Forbes: Is Shipping Making Waves When It Comes To Decarbonisation?

Sean McLaughlin, strategy consultant at Houlder, recently spoke to Forbes about the clean technology options available to ship owners and how they can secure green financing to make their sustainability plans a reality.

Sean commented: “The banks also recognise the value of their loans are at risk if they are not linked to clean ships. My concern is that we need to get clean technology into the existing fleet. One of my favourite analogies is that decarbonization is like a bath filling up with water. Turning off the tap off doesn’t empty the bath. The damage being done by our carbon emissions is cumulative, so we have got to start turning the tap down now on the existing fleet and not just hope we can turn it off completely at some point in the future.”

At Houlder, we have a deep understanding of the global maritime clean technology market, engaging with a wide network of organisations to understand the best solutions for each vessel, as well as their design and engineering requirements. We can also partner with organisations such as banks, investors and business advisers, enabling us to provide a full service offering to clients.

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“Charting a ‘solo’ course through this swirl of uncertainty is close to impossible. That’s why we’re often asked by clients to build their knowledge, evaluate their challenges and assess their options. We work closely with research funds and clean-tech providers by bringing decades of industry experience to bear. Our position is independent, technical ‘client friend’ for the decarbonising decades ahead.”

Rupert Hare, Chief Executive Officer

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