LNG Bunkering Systems

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is becoming increasingly viable as an alternative marine fuel. A safe and economical LNG Bunker system to transfer between vessels and in port  is a key “last piece of the jigsaw”  for small to mid-scale developments in particular. In response, Houlder is developing a range of LNG transfer systems. Our hybrid transfer arm, for example, (pictured) is based on proven marine crane technology and allows for safe and economic transfer of LNG and vapour.

The LNG bunkering system above deploys one or two transfer lines capable of handling liquid or vapour. This gives operators flexibility to operate in two modes.

Other key features include;

  • Slew angle 360°
  • Fixed operating console and wandering remote control
  • Vertical working envelope of up to 14m
  • Outboard maximum reach of 16m
  • Maintenance comparable with a standard marine crane

It  also employs standard safe, reliable and proven cryogenic components. it does this in line with current industry best practice.   The system is equipped with a hydraulic Emergency Release System (ERS) that allows full control in case of Emergency Shutdown (ESD). Disconnection is activated by powered Emergency Release Couplings (ERC).  Quick Connect/Disconnect Coupling (QCDC) or Dry-Coupling can be provided depending on operational requirement. Nitrogen purging for the receiving vessel manifold and an ESD link can also be integrated within the design.

Houlder is currently in discussions with key stakeholders regarding configuring LNG Bunker Systems for a variety of vessels and shore side  installations.

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