Deep Water Construction Vessel

Houlder’s Deep Water Construction Vessel (DW 5000) is a dynamically positioned vessel designed to undertake a wide range of offshore construction activities in Deep Water fields. Its features are described below.

Main Particulars

  • Length Overall:- 174 mts
  • Breadth Overall:- 32 mts
  • Depth Moulded;- 13 mts
  • Design Draft;- 8.2 mts
  • Main Deck Strength:- 10t/m²
  • Main Deck Strength aft:- 50t/m²

Deadweight and Capacities

  • Deadweight:- 16,500t
  • Fuel Oil Capacity:- 2,000 cu mts
  • Fresh Water Capacity:- 1,000 cu mts
  • Foam [Fi-Fi]:- 25 cu mts
  • Sub Sea Cable Storage:- 2 Carousels

Vessel Speed

At Full Draught:- 15 kts

Heeling & Stabilisation

Intering Active roll reduction system


Accommodation for 120 persons in single en-suite cabins

Emergency Control Centre

A secure space is fully protected. It is possible to control and command the vessel from this space


♦1A1 Supply Vessel, Clean Design, EO, SF, SPS 2008, ♦Dynpos AUTRO, Dk(+), CONF V (3) C(3), BIS, Fi Fi 2 Helideck, Compliance with MODU Code & MOU


  • Provision for an Offshore Crane
  • Rated 600-900 mts
  • Suitable for 3000 mts Water Depth

ROV Hanger

Hanger provided suitable for 2 work Class ROVs


S61/S92 Compliant with Norwegian CAA, UK CAA AND Class Rules fitted

Dynamic Positioning

System to be SIMRAD SD 21 / SDP11 or equivalent

D.P. References: DGPS, Fanbeam, Tautwire, 2 HIPAP’s, 3 Wind sensors, 3 motion sensors and off gyro compasses


  • 6 in line Marine Generators and an emergency generator.
  • 3 Full Azimuthing Stern Thruster
  • 2 Fixed pitch variable speed Tunnel
  • 2 Fixed pitch variable speed retractable
  • Azimuthing thrusters at the bow


  • Server based LAN for ship wide internet
  • International TV and cell phone communication

Houlder Reference: 6002: Deep Water Construction Vessel

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