BOP Upgrade Engineering Services

The introduction of API 53 Standard has led to a requirement for BOP Upgrade Engineering Services to meet the new regulations. Houlder has been involved on a number of rig modifications to accommodate the resulting increase in size and weight of the BOPs.

Some examples of these projects are outlined below

BOP Carts

Houlder has undertaken the design and build of several BOP skidding carts and systems for a number of drilling operators. Houlder engineers develop the concept design, through to detailed design as well as the build, testing and commissioning of the carts.


Normar Carrier Design Reviews

Houlder was  awarded a contract to review the upgrades required to a Normar carrier to accommodate a 30T increased in BOP weight. The scope of work includes, documentation review, offshore survey, strength analysis and preparation of cost estimates for the upgrade works.


Deck Strength Verification

Houlder’s structural engineers have the in house capability to undertake deck strength verification for increased BOP loadings in accordance with class requirements.


BOP Frames

Houlder has recently completed the design and build of a BOP Frame to suit the design of a new BOP on a drilling semi-submersible. Design drawings were produced using Solidworks, with FE analysis undertaken in ANSYS. The BOP frame was fabricated in Aberdeen with a laser scan completed to confirm as-built dimensions.


BOP Gripper Arms

Houlder has undertaken BOP upgrade engineering during the design, build and commissioning BOP gripper arms for the seafastening of BOP during transit conditions.

BOP Access Platforms

Houlder has recently completed the design of BOP access platforms which are to be fitted to the underside of the drill floor of a drilling semi-submersible operating in the North Sea. These hydraulically operated platforms remove the requirement for over the side rescue cover when working on the BOP whilst improving the ease of access for maintenance. They also reduce the risk of dropped objects.


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